Retail Readiness is a 96-page eBook for those of you ready to tackle wholesale and get your products into stores.

From the introduction:

This book is derived from a workshop that was created to address the needs of independent makers, designers and artisans who wanted to get their products into stores. It is focused on helping you determine if you are ready for wholesale. In this book, I share steps you need to take to have an arsenal of knowledge behind you as you approach stores on your own.

When I started out over ten years ago, making and selling jewelry and paper goods to boutiques, very few resources addressed this quickly growing segment of the market. Since then, the modern handmade/maker movement has become increasingly mature and many product designers are ready to expand beyond selling direct to customers. More and more, stores are eager to source high quality and unique products to better differentiate themselves from their competitors—but how do you reach them and work with them?

I strive to offer different perspectives from my past roles as maker, store owner and consultant to provide a multifaceted take on the retail world. In addition, I’ve interviewed designers, store owners, and content experts to give you even more points of view on each subject.

Who is this for? It's for makers who are starting to wholesale (or would like to) and want to be sure they are asking and answering the right questions with buyers. We do not cover reps or tradeshows in this eBook.

Will you still offer workshops? Sporadically, yes. I prefer to teach this "live" in order to give more personalized attention and feedback, but a girl can only be in so many places at once.

What specifically do you cover? Download the table of contents.

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