Exhibitions (This Will Be) The End of You, 2020

The End of You invites you to expand your perceptions of self, stop seeing ourselves as individuals acting in isolation, and experience the world as localized expressions of a much bigger whole. By examining themes of self-identity, kinship, and entanglement within an experiential environment, visitors will learn what it means to belong to a living system by challenging their definition of personhood and promoting the unifying effects of systems thinking.

I was invited to join the Experiential Space Research Lab, a joint initiative by Gray Area and the Knight Foundation. The Lab was an exploration of the potential of using experiential environments to create social impact. Artists in the lab were charged with creating an immersive installation that addressed the theme of reworlding and living systems within their 6,000 sq ft space.

The End of You was collaboratively created over 7 months and featured art that featured low and high technology to ask questions about our perceptions of self. I offered strategic advice and hands-on assistance to the artists, programmers, architects, and ecologists in the lab, most of whom had no experience in this arena. I also worked on project management, marketing, and installation support, interfacing with project advisors and Gray Area's directors and staff.

Installation photos: Gray Area