Programs Makeshift Society, 2014-2015

Makeshift Society is a space for freelancers, independent business owners, and small teams. We placed a great deal of emphasis on peer education and mentoring as well as connecting subject-matter experts to bolster each others’ businesses and designed programming to encourage cross-disciplinary learning. I planned programming primarily for the San Francisco location and advised on crossover opportunities with Brooklyn director Bryan Boyer. Here are some examples of programming we did for members and the public.

Window Takeover

We asked artists on each coast to create graphics for our windows. For the SF location, design firm Guts & Glory made custom mad-lib booklets and displayed the results in a changing window display. For Brooklyn, designer/illustrator Alonzo Felix created cheerful flower imagery for us on the still-industrial side of Williamsburg, accompanied by a custom coloring book.

Photos: Sarah Deragon, Dash Marshall

Working Late

Makeshift partnered with Adobe and Typekit on a series of events for designers and font enthusiasts. We worked with our favorite Brooklynites on talks and crits as well as RISO zine making and a video tour of "type in the wild" in NYC.

Talking Type with Jen Mussari and Frank Chimero
Crit Night with Ellen Lupton, Bonnie Siegler, and James Victore
Project Breakdown with Kelli Anderson
Love/Hate Zines with Elana Schlenker
Type Safari with James Victore

Top photos: Makeshift Society Brooklyn

The Best Worst

This is a series of talks by people in creative industries about their ‘best worst’ idea or project: finished work that was not as popular as they imagined, a favorite proposal that didn’t get chosen, or something that sounded great on paper but nevertheless failed.