Immersive The Whey, 2019

Created for an immersive site-specific art festival exploring object worship and finite planetary resource distribution. I was project lead for a team of acolytes of a Mystic Order. We created a intricate backstory that placed us within this particular cosmos. We argued that the object in question was just a by-product of a universal flow state; its power could not be held by one and was instead accessible to all.

We engineered an intimate experience for people to discover, a transportable, small immersive environment within the larger narrative. One person would enter a small custom-built chamber, which involved body positioning that invoked feelings of vulnerability and trust. Enveloped in warm and welcoming lighting, the participant's tactile interactions triggered custom audio that, when "played" correctly, reached an ecstatic climax. People emerged unexpectedly emotional from the chamber. Other people could observe the participant's reactions which created an intimate group moment within an overall chaotic environment.

Photo: Chayna Girling